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Image by Owen Yin

All About Idella

Taking the tedious tasks off your plate so you can focus on the parts of your business that you're passionate about

Idella Collective was formed through my personal passion and ambition to support spiritual entrepreneurs in managing their businesses so that they can focus on creation and expansion. 

Starting out as a Virtual Assistant side hustle in 2018, I quickly discovered the lack of connection between the spiritual community and virtual assistant community. I noticed that spiritual entrepreneurs were commonly weighed down with overwhelm and struggled finding the right person to help manage their business. Oftentimes, it was due to a lack of understanding and acceptance from general virtual assistants because they were not involved in spiritual practices themselves.

Once I noticed this disconnect, I made it my mission to provide the support spiritual entrepreneurs needed that not only included seamless completion of tasks and projects, but also heart-centered support and understanding  oftheir own mission in business. As a witchy practitioner with an open mind for all things spiritual, I go above and beyond to make sure my clients feel supported and energetically aligned with me.

This has allowed me to work with so many amazing people and expand my own knowledge on various spiritual topics. Reiki Practitioners, Spiritual Coaches, Crystal Healers, and Psychic Mediums are just a few of the types of clients that I have had the honor of providing my support to.

If you're a spiritual entrepreneur wanting that extra depth of connection with a virtual assistant, let's chat! I may just be the person you've been manifesting for your business.

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