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Hi, I'm Ashley, the Goddess of All Trades!

A little bit witchy, and a little bit hippie, combined with my seamless management skills, I am the right-hand woman for busy and overwhelmed spiritual entrepreneurs. I am passionate about the success of business owners within the spiritual community and strive to take on the parts of their workload that get a little bit heavy to continue carrying on their own.

I began my own journey as an entrepreneur in 2018 after my career plans in the corporate world became unstable. What started as a freelance gig. my business venture grew into a full-time commitment and drive. If you'd like to read more of my story and how I stepped into my power as a spiritual entrepreneur, you can find it here:

Spiritually Centered Support

A common struggle for spiritual entrepreneurs is finding the type of support that not only aligns with their needs, but that also aligns with their belief system. Working with me allows the space for understanding without the need for explanation. Aside from incorporating my own spiritual beliefs into the support I provide clients, I also have the experience of working within the spiritual community and being familiar with various practices. Working with me will bring your business:

Magickal Management

Mixing a little bit of magick with a little bit of skill, I take business management to the next level! The tasks I take off your plate will be handled efficiently with so much attention to detail that you'll feel like I'm reading your mind!

Energetic Alignment

Never worry again about judgement or needing to explain your lifestyle. As a spiritual entrepreneur, I have a complete understanding and respect for all belief systems and align myself fully to your business needs.

Workload Enlightenment

Release the overwhelm and allow me to enlighten your workload! I take the parts of your workload that are weighing you down off your hands so that you can have the space to focus on the parts that you enjoy and thrive in.

Do I Sound Like Your Person?


Dr. Laura Thompson Brady

Founder, The Nourished Home

“Ashley has been such a blessing for me and my business. She’s taken all of the back and pieces of my business off my hands so that I can focus on the work I am called to do as a healer. She is managing a host of tasks for me, including newsletter campaigns, payment processing, uploading YouTube videos, offering wonderful client care for the women I serve, and more. Ashley is efficient and I am always grateful for how quickly she gets administrative tasks done that would take me much longer in my own. In addition to all of this, Ashley is a joy to work with as she is bright, funny, soulful, and kind. I am grateful to have an assistant who values and believes in the mission of my business and the healing work that I do.”


Ashley Stevenson

 Reiki Master, Holistic Coach, Owner, Scorpion Moon Holistic

"As a business owner, it’s always been difficult for me to give up control.  No one can do it like I do, right? But after years of wearing all the hats, and being and doing ALL the things, I knew I needed help.  But the bigger issue was WHO to choose. I have a very defined niche, and most assistants, marketers, even coaches have NO IDEA what I do.  So much so that I could never allow them to just make stuff for me, post for me, or do really anything related to my biz because they didn’t understand it.  Then I met Ashley.  I never in my life thought I would find a spiritually based assistant.  Not only did she understand me and my biz, she knew exactly what I needed, in ONE conversation.  She takes so much off my plate, and she does it the way I would, with the same knowledge and background I have.  She’s willing to research and create whatever I need, and she does it in half the time it would have taken me to do it.  Now I can’t live without her. She’s a Goddess of all Trades!


If you ever needed someone to take things off your spiritual biz to-do list, Ashley is the one to do it.  She’s worth double her rate, and she is essential to my business, and I am sure she will be essential to yours as well.  She’s the best assistant any spiritual biz could ask for."


Elizabeth Tobin

Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

"I had been longing to find a Virtual Assistant who has a varied skill-set, is competent and knowledgeable AND who is aligned with spiritual principles and believes in energy healing. My intention came true when I found Ashley! She is efficient, knowledgeable and organized. I truly feel that she is committed to helping my business grow and thrive. She completes tasks in a timely manner, takes direction easily and has great ideas of her own. Working with her has helped me increase my productivity and my income. Ashley is a pleasure to work with, I trust her and I value her contribution to my business.
Thank you, Ashley!"


Tenae Stewart

Self-Love & Empowerment Coach,
The Witch of Lupine Hollow

"I am in the process of really growing and scaling my business and hired Ashley about the same time that I left my full-time job to run my business. She has been an absolute gem to work with and I honestly could not do it without her at this point! So many of the little tasks that were taking up most of my time are now managed seamlessly and efficiently by Ashley, allowing me to focus on client work and client generation. I am so happy to have found such a competent, capable, and charming assistant to help me manage my business, especially as Ashley has a spiritual background and understands my unusual business as a spiritual coach and astrologer more intimately than many others would be able to. Her ability to flow with changes and utilize systems is admirable. I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley in person while on vacation in her area and I can attest that she is as lovely and sweet as she seems!"

Morgan Moss

Owner, Inked Goddess Creations

"Ashley has been a life saver. When we first started working together, she organized tasks for me, did research, and worked on our shop's newsletter. Now, nearly a year later, she's running our Pinterest (bringing us up to over 2 million views per month), designing beautiful branded images for our social media, helping admin our online groups, answering emails, and is my right-hand lady. I am so grateful to have Ashley as a part of our team. Watching her challenge herself to greater heights over the last year has been amazing. I can't wait to see what the next year brings with her!"

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